The best car wash
in Chambersburg!

The Best
Equipment in the Industry!

The Local Car Wash Co. has partnered with Sonny’s Car Wash equipment to bring you the finest in car wash technology!

We us a non scratch modern material called NeoGlide to bring you the cleanest and scratch free finish in the industry.

We have also partnered with Lustra Chemicals to provide the most eco friendly solutions and cleaning products in the industry.

Our Wash Packages

Classic Wash

$9 per car

Deluxe Wash

$14 per car

Manager's Special

$18 per car

Wash & Wax

$29.99 per car

Our Unlimited Wash Packages

Classic Club

$19.99 /month per car

$ /month per suv/truck

$ /month per car

$ /month per suv/truck

Manager's Club

$29.99 /month per car

$ /month per suv/truck

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The Local Car Wash Co. brings you the most professional car detailing service in the area! With years of experience under our belt, we take pride in our work and promise that you will not be disappointed with the end result. Our detailing center uses only the finest products in the industry such as Rupes, Optima and more.

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